“The Yoni Massage Experience for Men (and couples)”

Hands On - Live Model - How to Perform the perfect "Yoni Massage Experience" that will melt her soul.
Only 1 student or couple per class.

Honor the Goddess and Free Her Multi-Orgasm Response

Private Masterclass

click HERE to see dates and schedule, or contact us privately at AscensionTantra@gmail.com. Class Fee $333.
Couples: See Special Note at the bottom of this page.

Hello Brothers! This experiential class is for men only who are curious about tantra and sacred sexuality, want to deepen their capacity to give a woman pleasure while (re-)awakening the awesome power of her Divine Feminine self, and are open to learning in a hands-on sexual education setting individually with a male and female coaching pair.

We will teach you techniques, tips, and ideas that will enhance your entire sexual experience profoundly. Even if you are awesome in bed, there are new evolved methods that can bring you and your lover to deeper pleasure than you have ever experienced or even known possible.

What is a yoni massage?
“Yoni” is the Sanskrit word for the female genitals and translates as “sacred space" or "seat of all life.” A yoni massage is a tantric practice focused on massaging a woman’s vulva (external) and vagina (internal). It is a profoundly loving and sacred way to provide sexual healing, awakening, and expanded pleasure to a woman that frees her capacity for orgasm and elevates her into states of ecstatic consciousness and bliss.

In this exclusive private class you will learn to provide a woman with the best, most powerful Yoni stroking she has ever experienced. It is an endearing quality that impresses women, when a man cares enough to learn a way to touch her most precious place consciously, caringly, and with deliberate certainty that what you are doing will bring her pleasure.

A Tantric Yoni Massage helps a woman to:
-connect with her deep Divine Feminine nature
-feel more aroused, sexy and uninhibited
-liberate her orgasmic response, have bigger, better orgasms, more of them and different types (i.e. clitoral, vaginal, cervical, full-body, squirting/ejaculatory)
-activate her most powerful energy of creativity and consciousness (kundalini)

It is possible for you to learn how to bring about all of the above results for her just by touching her body and Yoni in skilled and loving ways.

Available Dates and Scueduling

You will receive an introduction to the sacred art and ritual of yoni massage, learn about and then fine tune what you've learned by giving a simple yet profound full-body goddess massage sequence on a live woman.

The experience is a training to deepen your capacity to give her incredible, mind-blowing pleasure.

This private class includes:
-a bit of tantric philosophy and theory
-a live demo and
-the opportunity to give a short guided goddess massage

The experience is intended to help you learn how to provide a woman a deeply relaxing and pleasurable experience. You will learn how to focus in a way that will help her feel safe with you, while showering her with love and demonstrating to her a more sexually evolved side of yourself.

The entire class experience is sexy, enlightening, and fun! The environment is safe and sacred.

Available Dates and Scueduling

Your facilitators:
Jahnavi (Jan Robinson, M.A.) has over 25 years experience as an international kriya-kundalini yoga instructor, tantric dakini, and soulmate attraction mentor. She is the creator of the “Massage to Ecstasy” experiential workshop series in France and author of the best-selling “Have More Sex Book” for men. Jahnavi enjoys initiating women in the art of conscious love and sexuality.

Jahnavi's soulmate, Wen Boley, is a visionary entrepreneur, inventor and CEO with over 4 decades experience. Wen brings genuine warmth, integrity, clarity and humor as a facilitator who embodies the awakened masculine principle. He's an Akashic Records reader, tantric healer, and wisdom holder around male-female dynamics.

P.S. Only 1 spot per class.
so only sign up now... but, only if you are serious about learning to give an awesome yoni massage experience. Email us at AscensionTantra@Gmail.com

Available Dates and Scueduling

This class is taught for couples differently than described below.
Wen and Jahnavi guide both people in the basic instructions. Wen will demonstrate on the model with the male student perfoming with him. The model can be either the female student or Jahnavi.