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Women only, 4 participants, receiving from facilitators, dress: skirt recommended.

What is a yoni massage?

“Yoni” is the Sanskrit word for the female sex organs and translates as “sacred space" or "seat of all life.”

A yoni massage is a tantric practice focused on massaging the yoni. It is a profoundly loving and sacred way to provide sexual healing, awakening, and expanded pleasure to a woman that frees her capacity for orgasm and elevates her into states of ecstatic consciousness and bliss.

A Tantric Yoni Massage helps a woman to:
-heal wounds from her past
-release limiting conditioning, such as shame
-clear energy blockages to awaken more pleasure
-connect with her deep Divine Feminine nature
-feel more sensual, radiant, and joyful
-liberate her orgasmic response
-activate her most powerful energy of creativity and consciousness (kundalini)

WHERE: Private home in Berkeley, CA
HOW MUCH: $47/per person

You will receive an introduction to the sacred art and ritual of yoni massage, learn about and receive a simple yet profound full-body goddess massage sequence that includes techniques you can share with a partner.

The experience is a training to deepen your capacity to receive and feel pleasure.

This playshop includes:
-a bit of tantric philosophy and theory
-a take-home pdf handout with step-by-step instructions and tips
-a live demo and
-the opportunity to receive a short goddess massage

The massage is about 20-minutes in length and includes relaxing, full-body touch, external genital massage (options available to accommodate your comfort level), and gentle coaching around communicating desires, preferences, and boundaries.

The experience is intended to be deeply relaxing and pleasurable. While the goal isn't to reach orgasm, there may be feelings of orgasmic pleasure and sexual climax may happen. The focus, however, is on the holistic healing and awakening benefits as well as the opportunity to increase self-awareness, deepen embodiment, and learn to communicate helpful feedback.

The entire class experience is educational, enlightening, and fun! The environment is safe and sacred. The spirit is both profound and playful. This is a clothes-on experience with options available to accommodate personal preferences.

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If you want to open your heart to your deep feminine sensuality, authentic sexual self while releasing what's in the way of pleasure you didn't even know your body capable of, this class is for you!

*This class is also available as a private session upon request.

Your facilitators:

Jahnavi (Jan Robinson, M.A.) has over 25 years experience as an international kriya-kundalini yoga instructor, tantric dakini, and soulmate attraction mentor. She is the creator of the “Massage to Ecstasy” experiential workshop series and author of the best-selling “Have More Sex Book” for men. Jahnavi enjoys initiating women in the art of conscious love and sexuality.

Jahnavi's soulmate, Wen Boley, is a visionary entrepreneur, inventor and CEO with over 4 decades experience. Wen brings huge warmth, integrity, and humor as a facilitator who embodies the awakened masculine principle. He's an Akashic Records reader, tantric healer, and wisdom holder around male-female dynamics.

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"This is beyond heavenly. Under the magical direction of Jahnavi and Wen, deep healing, loving and pleasure unfolds. The music, instruction and hands-on practice left me feeling so much more self-regard for my body and its wonderful capacity. Such a safe and nurturing environment to come alive in!!!"

"I attended the tantric foot massage session last weekend and came away with so much more than I ever expected! I experienced a deep healing and an unraveling of blocks I’ve held for years. It truly is a sacred space that Jahnavi and Wen provide. I will be returning for more workshops."